Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun Buckets vs. DMARD's

Happy Birthday!!! Was the over exuberant shout I heard at 6:15 am on the other end of my phone. I swear I can not wait until my brother is in collage so I can get him back for all of the early morning phone calls.

Over all as I laid in bed, thinking about how to spend my birthday day and felt decent. Well rested for a change but still had a slightly "hungover" feeling. A year ago I could tell you what that hangover feeling came from. It came from 3 Fun Buckets. Fun Buckets are one of my favorite beach bars specialty. They take a sand pail and fill it with chopped fruit, tropical juices and add whole lot of rum. The hangover a year ago was also helped along by numerous shooters and a general lack of proper hydration. It was my Quarter Century Celebration after all.

The hangover this year is slightly different. I spent last night sipping on ginger ale and fighting to keep down soup. The hangover this year was induced by my daily shot of NSAIDs,DMARD's and prednisone. You see, every day I wake up, my boyfriend hands me a shotglass full of 7 pills and I start my day. Thursdays. Ohhh Thursdays are a joy. Thursdays I get to down 8 additional pills. Those 8 tiny salmon colored pills are methotrexate.

To put it in perspective methotrexate is comparable to chemotherapy that you take orally. Same immune response, same lovely side effects. Nausea, dizziness, headache, light sensitivity, fatigue, light headedness... its wonderful. Truly one of the joys in life. Unfortunately this hangover can not be cured with a Bloody Mary, a pair of big sunglasses and a greasy cheeseburger and while most hangovers can be slept off, this hangover lasts for about three days.

I miss Fun Buckets.

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  1. Stinkin' DMARD's. I take mine right before bed in hopes that I will sleep through any crazy stuff. I am only on my second dose after being away for two years.
    I look forward to reading more here. Thanks for sharing your story.